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God, Who Transforms Us

We conclude our Series God, Who?  As we study the God, Who Transforms Us!

God, Who Unites Us

This is our Christmas Eve message as we study and find out we have a God, Who Unites Us.  The entire wold seems to be divided but God has always desired for us to be united.

God, Who Walks With Us

This week we discover the Holy Spirit is with us to help set the pace for our lives as we are caught in the battle of flesh vs Spirit.

God, Who? Lives In Us

We continue our Christmas Series, God, Who?  We examine the idea that God Lives In Us through the Holy Spirit.

ThankFULL or HopeLESS

A stand alone sermon as we look at the idea that being ThankFULL helps us overcome the feelings of being HopeLESS.

The Big Reveal

This week we close out our Fixer Upper series as finally the temple is rebuilt.

Get Back To Work

This week we take a look at Ezra 5 and see the remnant has taken a 16 year break and now it's time to Get Back To Work!

Needing Materials

We continue our series through the book of Ezra.  There is always opposition to the people of God doing the work of God and how we respond tells a lot about who we are.

Work It

Our lead minister, Chris Long continues the "Fixer Upper" series through the book of Ezra as the people get to work.

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