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Set An Example

Our Student Minister Aaron Stokes delivers a powerful message about setting an example.

Less Junk, More Health

We continue our series The More Of Less.

We continue our series More of Less, studying the idea that we need less distractions so we can be present in life and with Jesus.

Less Debt, More Freedom

We continue our series More of Less, looking at the idea that Less Debt gives us all More Freedom.

We start a brand new series with the idea we need less of everything else and more Jesus.


We continue our Raw & Refined series looking at the worship that God desires from us.


This week we start our new series Raw & Refined as we look at some things that Jesus would UNDO.

Love The World

We finish up our Vision Casting series, This Is Us with a message about how God desires us to be a church that Loves The World!

Love Others

We continue our This Is Us sermon series looking at the idea that LCC is dedicated to Loving Others.

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